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Many individuals rush to consolidate their debt or take out a home equity loan, without addressing the foundational issues.  This only leads to a re-occurrence of "past sins".  If the foundational issues are dealt with then people can achieve true, biblical, financial freedom that will release them from the chains of debt and sieges discussed earlier.  Our family has achieved that fulfilling, content state, and we want to assist others in doing the same.  God is FOR you, not against you.  Most statistics noted are referenced in Ease the Squeeze, others are available through Doug Hagedorn.  Many of the housing statistics are actually from 1999.

God will do his part if you do yours.  It is a PROMISE!  I can testify as our personal financial situation once seemed utterly hopeless:

  • 13 credit cards with $6,000 in debt
  • 2 vehicle notes with $22,000 in debt
  • 1 re-possessed mobile home with $15,000 in debt
  • My wife forced to work a second job over the holidays to scrape up enough to stave off the bill collectors
  • 1 house mortgage with $58,000 in debt
  • The thought of having children was a major stress point due to our lack of finances
  • We were giving nothing on a regular basis
  • We were saving nothing on a regular basis

The GOOD NEWS is that when you are desperate enough and determined enough and you ask for God's assistance--There is a way, where there seems to be no way!  6 1/2 years later we had a new story!

  • 2 new vehicles totally paid off- $0 in debt
  • 0 credit card with $0 in debt
  • 1 mobile home debt totally forgiven by a miracle- $0 in debt
  • 1 mortgage totally paid off- $0 in debt
  • Giving 30% of our income to our local church, World Missions and vital ministries
  • Able to invest 10% of our income in IRA and children's education

    I detail our testimony, how we developed a life plan, a financial plan and a giving plan in Ease the Squeeze.  You will discover how to set up a realistic, structured plan to get out of debt quickly.  Most people don't set up a budget because they don't know how, it is too difficult, they have done it before and failed, or just have not been given a simple, structured approach to complete one.  Ease the Squeeze helps set-up a easy to understand, easy to manage budget that is tailored for you.  Probably the most exciting thing about writing the 390 page book was loading it chock full of practical, helpful ideas to save money, reduce debt, simplify, and control your spending!  The even MORE exciting thing is that these ideas and approaches will allow you to get out of debt, give much more, and even save more!  I can almost guarantee you that you will save tens or even a hundred times the cost of the book by implementing just a few of the money-saving, cost-cutting ideas.  Even more importantly the approaches will lead to a stronger family, a stronger church, and a stronger faith in Jesus as you see Him walk alongside you in your new walk of true, biblical, financial liberty!

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