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A Scary Revelation

  • First....we are manipulated into buying what we don't need
  • Then....we can't pay for it
  • Then....we don't even have a place to put it
  • Then...we don't have time to use it
  • Not to mention we don't really even own it outright ourselves
Something is wrong!
Are you ready for action?  Here are a few questions...not to put fear or guilt upon you, but rather to ask you to consider some potential realities and challenge you to consider your readiness and current plan of action.  Do not be too downcast if you could not answer these questions the way you would like to.  Not many folks can.  I know I could not, and in fact still struggle with answers to some. Rate yourself from 1 to 10 when you answer the following questions.
  1. How bad do you want to be financially free?
  2. Are you willing to make some radical changes if necessary?
  3. What if the stock market crashed today?  Would you still feel financially free?
  4. What if fire destroyed all your property?  Are you prepared?
  5. What if you lost your job today?  Are you prepared?
  6. What if your spouse/parents/family died today?  Are you prepared?
  7. What if God called you to the "ministry" or "mission field" today?  Are you prepared?
  8. Do you feel "free" even though you may not have excessive debt?  Why not?
  9. Are you and your spouse in financial unity?  Have you agreed on goals and plans?
  10. Does watching the stock market, financial indices, or statistics make you nervous?
  11. What if a major, unexpected medical emergency arose?  Are you ready?
  12. What if a major energy crisis occurred?  Could you afford the budget impact?
  13. What if you had an unexpected child (or even a planned child for that matter)?
  14. What if your spouse desires to stay home?  Have you planned for it?  Could you afford it?
  15. What if you died today?  What would your epitaph say?  Have you left a positive legacy?

What if you died today?  Would it put your family in financial turmoil?  Have you left them with a plan and a positive financial and spiritual inheritance?  Do you have a will?

What if you died today?  Would Jesus say "Well done good and faithful servant, you took care of what I let you borrow during your short time on my earth".  Or would He say "I don't know you.

I remember all too well the feeling of bondage and helplessness associated with not being ready.  I believe the saying that "no one who is financially bound is totally spiritually free".  You may feel beyond help.  The good news is that NOTHING is too difficult for God!  All things are possible through Him!  Don't feel guilty or give up.  Ask Him for help and wisdom and He will stretch out his arm and help you.   I believe the fact that you are reading this now should show you that God cares for you and has not given up on you!  If you are faithful in the little things He will show himself strong on your behalf!

Our journey from chained and hopeless to peace and debt-free did not happen overnight.  Most likely yours will not either.   Our journey from giving pocket change to our church and nothing to missions to 30% of our gross income going to our local church, local missions, and foreign missions was also progressive.  But you must start NOW!  Procrastinating and laziness will lead to broken promises, empty goals, and a life with no purpose.  We did not win the lottery or get free through a get rich quick program.  It was our small steps of discipline and obedience that moved us forward and moved God's hand.  We began to reap what we sowed.  Yes, there were a couple of financial miracles on the way, but it was because God saw we were disciplined and followed through that he blessed us.  The detailed tools and helps we used are included in Ease the Squeeze. 

"Many people have had to learn in their private lives, and nations have had to learn in their historical experience, that perhaps the worst form of tragedy is wanting something badly, getting it, and finding it empty."
Henry Kissinger

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