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Surveys show that a lack of action is the main problem. For many people changing habits and spending patterns that have lingered for many years is very difficult. For many, it might be a result of a lack of proper planning.  In our high-tech, fast-paced society, we must seize control of our time, our relationships, AND our finances. 

We are truly a generation under siege:

  • Under siege by the lenders to get our money (interest payments)
  • Under siege by the media to influence our spending decisions and encourage excessive spending
  • Under siege by the magnetism of "stuff and stature" and "keeping up with the Jones"
  • Under siege by the modern technologies and gadgets that allure us into a "more and better" trap
  • Under siege by those who would like to control our "time" and personal choices
  • Under siege spiritually against our relationships and priorities
  • Under siege spiritually with temptations that cause us to "lust after things, objects, and individuals" that could lead to idolatry and destruction
We are overheating as a society, which means that we are overheating as individuals:
  • We can go faster................................but we have more places to go
  • We have more room............................but we have more junk to store
  • We have more light.............................but we work more and sleep less
  • We have more income..........................but we give less
  • We have more religion..........................but we are less moral
  • We hear more from the media than we do from our own family members
  • We average four minutes a day of meaningful communication with our spouse

 Something needs to change!

    On a recent test administered by the National Council on Economic Education, 49 percent of adults received an F, and only 6 percent received an A.  Our lack of knowledge coupled with a lack of action, has left us financially and personally "squeezed".  Only 3 percent of Americans actually have a financial plan.  Only 9 percent of pastors thought that they had adequate training about financial issues at the seminary level.   Debt has become a way of life for many individuals as well as our nation.  Case in point-- 57% of credit card users hold a balance of more than $8000 a month. 

    The siege and financial overheating have also impacted our charitable giving.  Giving has been on a gradual decline since 1968.  39% of adults gave nothing to a church last year.   The average Christian gives only 2.6% of their income, compared to 6% in the 1950's.  However, the raw statistics on giving do not explain the foundational issues of the need for a "life change" and a "heart change".  Addressing the "financial" problem in one's life is only the tip of the iceberg and will result in only a temporary, surface fix.   Reality is that most of us require a surgery that is more than "day surgery" and in fact it may be internal and invasive.   However, NOW is the time for action and results!

    If overloaded with a mountain of debt or an uncertain financial future, the best place to begin is with the foundational issues so one can develop a "life plan", rather than just a "financial plan".  A recent survey showed that an astounding proportion of adults--43%--admit that they are still trying to figure out the purpose and meaning of life.   How we purpose to live our lives, our choices and our priorities, greatly impact how we spend our money.  Thus a foundational issue is to set goals and plans that align with our life's purpose.   Ease the Squeeze helps you develop that life purpose, short and long term goals, and lays out an action plan to help you achieve them.  Part of the action plan will address the symptoms of the debt or financial issues, by analyzing life priorities and past decisions. Financial goals need to be set, but so must "life goals".  The Financial Foundation Builder (FFB) seminars conducted in churches may also be of assistance.   My desire is to see people financially free so they can be generous and givers, so there is no charge for church seminar's.   I do not desire additional wealth or riches and will not take advantage of people in need.  Jesus served, he did not come to be served.  Neither will I.   I have been conducting FFB Seminars since 1997 on a "love offering" only basis.

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