Financial Foundation Builders exists to see others achieve true, biblical, financial freedom that radically impacts people's lives, purpose, giving, and relationships.
Financial Foundation Builders offers practical and biblical approaches to money and life.


The key principles which are addressed through the FFB program are:

LIFE Principles
  • Living a Purposeful Life
  • Life Priorities and Choices
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Testimony- Life & Financial
  • Diagnosing Financial Problems
  • Dealing with Overload and Stress
  • Simplification Approaches
  • Getting Your Hope Back
  • Family & Finances Linkage
GIVING Principles
  • What is Biblical Giving?
  • Stewardship Where Should I Give?
  • Why Should I Give?
  • Results of Giving
  • Cures for Materialism & Idolatry
  • To Tithe or Not?
  • A Chronology of Biblical Giving
  • Temporal vs. Eternal Balance


FINANCIAL Principles:
  • Fast & Focused Debt Reduction
  • How to Develop & Live on a Budget
  • How to Save & Give More
  • Financial Freedom- What is it?
  • Credit Card & Debt Traps
  • Setting Short & Long-term goals
  • Money-saving Ideas
  • Cost-cutting, Discounts, Budgets
  • Budget-Busters
  • Disciplined Spending Approaches
  • No more Paycheck to Paycheck!
  • How to Measure Your Progress
  • The Power of Compound Interest
  • Finances- Revival or Judgment?
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