Financial Foundation Builders exists to see others achieve true, biblical, financial freedom that radically impacts people's lives, purpose, giving, and relationships.
Financial Foundation Builders offers practical and biblical approaches to money and life.


Below are some of the testimonials of people who have attended the FFB seminars. The most significant fact about these testimonials is that they were all unsolicited.

“Our stewardship team had been planning a stewardship series for several months. One of our goals was to make the series very hands on…practical. We wanted it to go way beyond giving to the church to encompass biblical stewardship over all God has entrusted us with. This included helping people get out of debt, prioritizing spending, developing budgets, and the like. Doug conducted the “Ease the Squeeze seminar” on a Saturday and also addressed the congregation on Sunday. Doug reflected our heartbeat in his teaching. He is very practical, down to earth, comfortable (as opposed to pushy), encouraging, and challenging. The response from our group was excellent. Many made commitments of one kind or another in regards to their spiritual, financial, and relationship situations. Since that time, many have continued to follow through on giving plans, debt retirement goals, and other related issues. Our giving has been up significantly, although that was not the targeted purpose of the series. Doug put the perfect finishing touches on my stewardship series. We enjoyed having Doug here, and he addressed some tough topics in a relevant and biblical manner. Our church would gladly recommend Doug if you are considering addressing stewardship issues. His book, and his testimony, gives you an idea of his passion to see people be unhindered in living for God’s purposes!”
Pastor Tim F.

“In the spring, a threesome from our church attended a stewardship conference. We were challenged that we were not fulfilling the necessary teaching on the entire subject of stewardship. We then began to pray and discuss how we would begin the new year teaching and training on this subject. Our team felt very inadequate to lead such an undertaking. And soon God showed up! One of our team members heard Doug speak on the radio and felt if he could come teach, it would be just what we needed. Doug led and taught us, and all were blessed because of it. Our expectations were exceeded. God definitely showed up! Doug’s heart and compassion of the whole stewardship subject so much parallels the heartbeat of our Senior Pastor, the church leadership, and the entire Stewardship Team! Our weekly giving is currently $1377 above our weekly budgeted amount. We are hearing testimonies of people tithing and being blessed beyond understanding. In addition our weekly worship attendance has been above 600 for the first time in our church’s history for the past two Sunday’s. We cannot thank Doug enough for his ministry and teaching, and we pray that his efforts continue to be blessed. Your consideration of utilizing Doug’s giftedness for the teaching of Biblical stewardship in your church will be a major asset to you. We look forward to having him bless us again in the near future.”
Norm B. and the Stewardship Team

"Brother Doug can be fully trusted in your church to bring a biblically based, practical, well-organized seminar that will help your congregation with the extremely critical issue of family finance. The seminar is completely supportive of the stewardship needs of your church while providing families tools to liberate their households from the dangers of debt."
Pastor Clint B.

"My heart was blessed, and I have talked to many who were touched, moved through God's convicting power, or uplifted by the good news that the chains of debt can be broken through faith and through obedience to God's instructions concerning stewardship."
Dr. Roger M.

"If you need to improve your financial situation, look no further than Doug Hagedorn's Financial Freedom Seminar. Doug provides practical, biblical insight to help you set goals, get out of debt, manage your time, establish a budget, and save for the future."
Kerby Anderson, Host - Point of View

Seminar Attendee Comments
...really moved by it ...compassion and burden for us ...relevant biblical principles ...spoke from experience ...devoted, refreshing, sincere ...shared personal successes and failures ...practical, applicable were real ...Bible truths ...good plans and spreadsheets ...integration of scripture and encouragement ...good balance and flow ...honest and realistic approach ...nice hand-out ...Christ-centered, scripture-based

Most Recent Seminars Attendee Statistics

  • 100% of attendee's rated the seminars "Excellent" or "Good"
  • 100% of attendee's recommend the teachings to others
  • 92% plan to implement the concepts taught
  • 38% committed to increasing their giving
  • 24% committed to begin giving/tithing
  • 5% committed to begin supporting world missions
  • 5% committed to increase their giving to world missions
  • 9% committed to obey their calling
  • 50% committed to improving their family/marriage/children priorities
  • 26% committed to develop a life foundation/purpose
  • 56% committed to being debt-free
  • 61% committed to no new debt
  • 73% committed to setting up a budget
  • 6% made a recommitment to Jesus Christ

Seminars have been conducted within the following denominational churches.  References can be provided if necessary:      

  • Assemblies of God
  • Baptist
  • Christian Church
  • United Methodist
  • African Methodist Episcopal
  • Nazarene
  • Non-Denominational
  • Independent Pentecostal/Charismatic    
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