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What is Financial Freedom?  It really depends on whom you ask.  You probably have a different definition than me.  But here is my two cents (since you asked...)
  • You are completely and totally DEBT-FREE (owing no man)
  • You and your family are in unity
  • You know where your money goes
  • You have a plan for the future--your debt, your giving, your savings, your life!
  • You can truly feel content with what you have
  • You truly know that ALL is God's-100%-and you live like it!  That is true peace!
  • You give generously, completely, and immediately
  • You have conquered the tithe "law".  You are not bound by 10%.  You give freely above that.
  • You obey when God asks you to give sacrificially- of your time, your desires, your money
  • You life selflessly
  • You are free from excesses
  • You can properly balance between temporal and eternal investments (saving & giving)
  • You conquer some of the tough words--patience, self-control, obedience
  • You serve others above yourself, and bear fruit for Jesus- you have an external focus
Yikes!  This sounds nothing like me 8 years ago.  I would have read this and gone back to Hopelessness 101.  Do some of these sound unachievable?  Join the club!  Though I have not conquered all of these, with God's help and self-discipline we have accomplished most all of these and at least have a plan for the others.  Some of these will require daily habit changes, some will require longer term thinking, and some will flat out require prayer.  Ease the Squeeze helps you with all three.
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