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Financial Foundation Builders exists to see others achieve true, biblical, financial freedom that radically impacts people's lives, purpose, giving, and relationships.
Financial Foundation Builders offers practical and biblical approaches to money and life.

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Welcome To Getting Your Financial Life In Order!
You are obviously here for a purpose!  You may need help to get out of debt or set up a budget. You may need encouragement from someone who has been at the bottom, but now has a testimony. You may desire a biblical money management seminar or Christian financial seminar in your church, school, or ministry, that focuses on stewardship, biblical giving, debt free living, or financial freedom.  You may desire Christian debt counseling, personal financial planning, or may be even considering debt consolidation or credit card consolidation.  Maybe you are seeking to educate yourself regarding money management from a biblical perspective or desire to study and sort through your belief on tithing or what the Bible has to say about the tithe. 

Financial Foundation Builders has released materials that cover all of these subjects in much detail. The new comprehensive financial and life planning manual, Ease the Squeeze as well as the self-study guide, teachers guide, and Seminar in a Box material teach practical and spiritual applications that will help the listener develop a life plan, a financial plan, and a giving plan that is already guiding thousands across America to a journey of freedom- both financially and with time management and life priorities! Maybe you are a Pastor or church leader looking for a book, seminar, or Sunday School package that will assist your church with a small group study, a stewardship campaign, or building program.  Or maybe you just wanted to find some discounts, coupon books, or money-saving ideas.  It is also quite possible that you just somehow ended up here and don't know why...maybe it wasn't an accident!!  Whatever the reason.....NOW is the time to build or re-construct your Financial Foundation!

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