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Section A- Laying the Foundation- A Life Plan
1.  Modern Day Pharaoh- Get Your Hope Back, Finance 101- A Stubborn Guy, My Story!, Voices of Reason, An Action Plan
2.  Foundational Blueprints- Living a Purposeful Life, Diagnosing the Problems, Financial & Life Priorities, Financial self-tests, Starting a Plan & Setting goals, A Report Card
3.  Choices & Priorities- The Core Issue, Technology Impact, Goals Spreadsheet, Progress self-assessment, Struggling with Simplicity, Plan a Getaway!
4.  A Time to Diet & a Time to Get Mad- Startling statistics, The Good Ol' Days, Needs and Wants, The Marketers, Stuff and Stature
5.  My Financial Foundation & Then Some-  My Journey to Freedom, Personal Priorities, Personal Testimony, The Average Joe|
6.  Cocaine & The Plastic Plunge-  Are You Ready?, Warning Signs, Buy Now/Pay Later, Slavery & Chains of Debt, Credit Cards and Tricks, Begin Digging Out
7.  Tricks, Traps & Monsters-  Monthly Payment Trap, Why the Sea of Debt?  Cures for Materialism, Then & Now, The Debt Monster, Financial Thermometer

Section B- Furnishing Your Financial House- A Giving Plan
8.  Do You Have a Heart Condition?-  Male Pattern Deafness, Heart Giving, Spin Doctors, Some Incorrect Teachings
9.  That Tough Word--Giving!-  The Challenge, Faith & Action, My Struggles with the Tithe, Influence Your World
10.  Results of Giving--Blessing!-  Twisted & Skewed, How to Get Blessed, Will God Bless Me?, Biblical Blessing, Types of Blessing, Flat on My Back
11.  That Controversial Question:  How Much Should I Give?-  Condition of the Heart, Voluntary or Tithe?, Giving Statistics, What about 10 percent- OT or NT?
12.  Who Gets My Money?  Going Once, Going Twice....- Just the Church?, Areas of Neglect, The Storehouse Concept, Feeding Scorecard
13.  A Land of Rich Young Rulers?-  U.S. Trends & Comparisons, Opening our Eyes, The Land of Plenty, What About Missions?
14.  Keeping it All in Perspective-  Temporal vs. Eternal-  Investments, The Thermometer Test, Proper Balance
15.  The Spiritual vs. The Practical-  How Much Planning?,  The "Yuk" words, Not Just about the Dough, The Benefits of Planning, Why Give?

Section C- The Brick & Mortar-- A Financial Plan
16.  The Path to Financial Freedom-  Your Financial House, Beginning the Journey, Am I Free?  Can I Be Free?, The Daily Spend Tool
17.  Digging Out of Debt- The Debt Hit List, Paying Off Your Debts, "Read my Lips", Setting Goals
18.  Determining Your Destiny- Any Baggage?, Save to Spend List, Take the D.E.B.T. Test, Big Ticket List, Cash-Control List
19.  The Dreaded "B" Word- Budget?- Benefits of a Budget, Budget Example, Your Own Budget, Tracking Your Progress
20.  Freedom in a Flash!- Tools & Ideas to Save Big!, Christmas on a Budget, Blessing Your Pastors, Savings Strategies, Quick Debt Reduction, Freedom Lightning Bolts
21.  The Eighth Wonder of the World-  Interest & Investments, Early Mortgage Payoff, Investing Early Example
22.  A Family Finance Reformation- Practical Savings Ideas, Date Nights & Family Nights, The Family Unity Test, Your Family Museum, A Lifetime of Memories, Mom-Stay-at-Home Dilemma23.  Revival?  Reformation? Judgment?  It's up to You!-  America at a Crossroads?, An Island of Prosperity, Historical Hope!, Who Cares?
24.  Summary- The Keys to Your Financial Future-Taking the Next Steps- Beginning the Journey, The Three Plans, Action Points

Appendix A-  A Chronology of Giving in the Bible- Me the Skeptic, Biblical Giving, History of Giving, Making up Your Own Mind
Appendix B-  Key Websites and Contacts- Money Saving Ideas, Discounts & Coupons, Travel Discounts, Financial Calculators, Saving Money, National Debt & Other Issues
Appendix C- Financial Worksheets- Debt Hit List, Big Ticket List, Cash-Control List, Daily Spend Sheet, Save-to-Spend List, Budget

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