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To initiate a plan to get of debt you should begin a Debt Hit list which details your debt, interest rates, monthly payments and goals to pay them off.  This tool will help you put a plan into motion to get out of debt.  First you must make a commitment to NO NEW DEBT!  Maybe you switch to a debit card or begin a cash envelope management system.  Most peoFple cannot even save for major expenses to come--so it is important to plan ahead for the next 18 months.  Use the Big Buy list to begin that process.   Always ask these questions before a major purchase:

  • Is it on our Big Buy List?
  • Should I discuss this purchase with the rest of my family? (set a dollar amount that requires family approval prior to purchase.  We use $50)
  • Can we afford it?
  • Can it wait until later?  How long can we delay this purchase?
  • Can we buy it used?
  • Have I priced it multiple times and places to know what a great price is?
  • Have I waited 60 days once I get the DESIRE to buy it?
  • What will I have to give up as result of this purchase?
  • Will I really get my money's worth out of this?
  • How will it impact my goals I have set to get out of debt, spouse stay home, kids, etc....
  • Do we need it NOW?
  • Is it on sale?
  • Is it a want or need?
  • Have I prayed about it?
  • Is this impact my giving priorities/commitments?

I use the D.E.B.T. test before I charge it:
D = Is it a Desire or Need
E = What is the Eternal value
B = Is it Budgeted?
T = Is the Timing right?

The best way to move towards having money available for Big Ticket Items or Future expenses is to set-up the dreaded BUDGET.  Time to go to war on your DEBT and be a combatant!

"The materialism of our culture is the dominant issue, and the church has not combated materialism, with its own set of values,"

- Wes Willmer
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